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The Genesis Trust was founded in 2002 as an outreach program of the Norwegian Settlers Church in Port Shepstone, Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation.

It was realised that the government health facilities were overburdened due to HIV/AIDS and TB and, as a result, were in dire need of additional step-down facilities where they could refer patients who needed care. Through the assistance of the Department of Health, donors in the community and a contribution of land from the Norwegian Settlers Church, the flagship programme of the Genesis Trust, which is the Genesis Care Centre, opened in March 2005.

The Care Centre’s aim is to

  • reduce HIV/AIDS and TB discrimination and exclusion through the Care Centre Patient Support Programme;

  • to strengthen society by meeting the psychological, emotional and social needs of patients and their families;

  • to provide confidential, convenient HIV counselling and testing, disease management and support;

  • to provide a programme involving physiotherapy, occupational and craft therapies. 


The Genesis Care Centre serves the community holistically, meeting the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs associated with HIV/AIDs, TB, Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Chronic Illness, Poverty and other social needs.

The Care Centre is the only facility of its kind in the area and is one of the largest in KwaZulu Natal. It provides an environment that gives the individual time to recover, learn how to cope with the disease and to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

All too frequently, the breadwinner of the family succumbs to illness and, after being admitted to the Care Centre, they are often able to recover adequately to be able to address their socio-economic challenges on their return home with the result that their family is strengthened. 

The Genesis Care Centre is 40-day stay inpatient unit with the capacity to accommodate 20 adult females and 20 adult males at any one time and has nursed and cared for over 5200 patients since its inception in March 2005. A holistic approach of care means that every person admitted receives medical, nursing, physical, psycho-social and spiritual care. 
Offering services to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year means having a full-time, committed staff team. We are grateful for local doctors who generously volunteer their time and expertise.

We provide patients and families with comfort, compassion and dignity. It is heart-warming when many of the discharged patients return to the Care Centre to share their level of wellness and renewed opportunities. This is testimony to the level of care they experienced whilst with us.

We offer therapy to patients as we partner with volunteer
physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists, and dietitians. 

The Care Centre staff provide extensive psycho-social support to help patients and their families cope with their illness and, where needed, provide grief counselling. The social context we operate in necessitates us to assist patients, or their family members, to navigate the South African government system to apply for identity documents or government social
grants. The staff team also assist patients in tracing family members when needed, and assisting patients to return home.

We provide healthy, nutritious meals three times a day to our patients, much of which is grown organically in our own gardens. 

We have a fully equipped laundry room where we can maintain hygienic standards.


Everything we do is with a high standard of care as set for us by the Department of Health.