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How Can You Get Involved

The Genesis Care Centre is a Non-Profit Organisation. Therefore, we do not charge for our services. A facility like ours costs a great deal to keep running with food costs, medical supplies, transport costs, operational costs, etc. 

The Department of Health subsidises 45% of our annual budget, leaving the remaining 55% to be externally fundraised for by our team.

Due to a strain on the international economy and donor fatigue, this is always challenging.

You can help by giving financially to our organisation. There are a number of different projects you could get involved in:


This is an innovative concept in which individuals, groups, churches, companies, or organizations contribute financially towards a portion of the holistic care including nursing, nutrition, and rehabilitation costs required in caring for each patient on a daily basis.    

It is a humbling experience to be part of this initiative.  The faith shown through your support enables us, through the continuum of care that we offer, to touch not just one life, but also a family and at times a whole community.

If you feel that this is a project you would like to get involved in, please see the payment options below:

  • Care for 1 patient for one night per month: R 355.00 / $21.00 per month

  • Care for 1 patient for one week per month: R 2470.00 / $142.00  per month

  • Care for 1 patient for two weeks per month: R 4940.00 / $285.00 per month

  • Care for 1 patient for one month: R 9880.00 / $565.00 per month

Please see banking details below

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Medical Supplies

It is vitally important to have adequate medical supplies to be able to care optimally for our patients. Without these supplies, patient recovery is jeopardized, particularly because they have suppressed immune systems.

In order to be able to meet the goal of excellent care, it is necessary to provide hygienic and infection-controlled nursing care.

Medical supplies include:

  1. Adult diapers – on average 60% of patients at any one time are in need of adult diapers. Diapers are needed for patient hygiene, comfort and dignity. 

  2. Linen savers – are placed on the mattresses to optimise hygiene and protect linen and mattresses. This is necessary to protect the patient occupying the bed as well as ensure optimal hygiene standards are provided for the next patient who occupies the bed.

  3. Gloves and aprons – needed to maintain infection control and hygiene. They are used by attending nursing staff, caregivers and doctors whenever they work with patients.

If you feel that you can assist us in purchasing the above, please get in contact with us for more information. 


Feeding 40 patients three meals a day can be costly. Therefore, we are always in need of food donations. Non-perishables items and fresh fruit and vegetables are always welcome. 

Like any other organisation, we have general administration needs.

For our needs list, please click here


Woolworths My School Card

Are you part of the Woolworths My School Card program? If you are, please make us your chosen charity. Every month, Woolworths gives us a percentage of all that was purchased by customers who have made us their chosen charity.

To do that, simply click on the MySchool logo below. 

Thank you!

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Banking Details

Account Holder: Genesis Care Centre

Bank: Nedbank (Pty) Limited,

Branch: Shop 26, South Coast Mall, Izotsha Road, Shelly Beach, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Account Number: 1397 072 865

Branch Code: 198765

International Transfer Code: NEDSZAJJ

Please use your name or company name as a reference.

We do offer s18A certificates for tax rebates. 

Please send us an email once you have made a payment.

Thank you for your support!